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i drop off the radar for a couple months and you're at it again lol =p. If you really need a disc priest I'm available
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so you all play tf2

anyone play dota on the wc3 engine~?!
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hey buttheads how is every1I love the cock in my bum bum
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For those who can't

For those who can't use a tampax they made a new thing for you: LinkAlso hi, how are you? Not so great here philosophy is ruining everything because of worse teacher I ever had and I don't want to lose a semester so I still keep that class as I wi...
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WoW Intervention
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WTB Character Xfer (2000g Nigz)

I'm looking to bring an alt over, I'll pay 2000g. Let me know if you can help.
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For Trap Square

Your computer will be at your house tommarowPackages & Freight Quantum View Flex Global View Tracking Detail | Help Your package is on time with a scheduled delivery date of 07/01/2009. Tracking Number: 1Z 1...
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Bagel this is for you white boy style
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The power of the penis...

Any of you guys seen this chick before?
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Kids these days

The level of pussification of today's youth has reached an all time high. Some little faggot was running around killing cats, mutilating the body, skinning and gutting them. He's been caught and will most likely get his ass stretched out by some o...
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Check this shit out

This is where my avatarr comes from shit is real funny. Im sure alot of you tricks have seen it but heres the link.
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