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little kid tries to bully big kid
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Street Fighter Brawl

Flawless victory
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Just been playing this game for a couple of weeks now. If anyone rolls on Harrow (PVP-RP), hit me up (character is Jin). Got a lot of server first "heroic" tiers down last week, starting raids this week hopefully.
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1st Annual Crackhead throwing Competition

And hilarity ensues...
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Hey Canadians.

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People are awesome

In case some people have not seen this, or even those who have, here watch it again
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The Real VIK

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Social Raid class/spec/armory link

Class: DruidSpec: BalanceArmory Link:
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Interview of CEO of Paradox Interactive (Makers of Magicka and a bunch of other fun games)
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Torchlight 2.

The first one was a god damn beauty. Diablo 3 won't be out for another 15 years, so who's excited and planning on playing some Torchlight 2 multiplayer?
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Who in reckless has tattoos?

I know a few of you prbably have some tattoos. Yea they are probably stupid but let's see them. I don't have a tattoo but I have been designing one for a while. Si, let's see those dragonballs :P
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Testing the Waters - Socials with that raiding twitch?

Reckless, first and foremost is a 25 man raiding guild, and I'm very proud that I can be part of that, Despite being a 'Social'I have a raiding background, and have had the urge to begin stepping into the 'epic' waters as it were. The intent of th...
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For any of you that know what zero punctuation is, here is yahtzee reviewing Cata
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cute dog

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>
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What color should I dye my beiber hair?

I want to dye my hair a different color. I was thinking blue but I don't green or orange would be cool. What color do you losers think I should dye it?
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