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Equality... Also some really weird video about twerking.

Because... LOL I can.
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Sometimes I remember how far away you are... :(
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Just Stopping By

Just stopping by to say hi and that we should do alt-star siege runs on Thursday sometime soon again. -Ftfk a.k.a. Jim
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A Priest Named Jim21519Member avatar small Verdell 3y
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Borderlands 2

Started replaying and wanted gauge peoples interest about playing again. So far at my disposal i have a 61 Psycho that's decked to the teeth ( FEED THE MEAT, SALT THE WOUND) as well as some other lower level toons.Great weekend to start with the G...
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Couple of things regarding the website.

First If you've noticed, over the last week or two, the website has been sluggish or non responsive. The reason? Our host has been under constant DDoS attacks. They've beefed up security and mitigation services, so hopefully this will not continu...
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This is why you need to stay in school.

A stay in school ad from Australia.
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PC Games

I was just wanting to gauge interest in how many people were going to purchase CoD:Ghosts or BF4 for PC so we could possibly make a clan in either or at least have more friends to play with.
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Reckless Tshirts Now Available!

The tshirts are available to order as of today!There were some limitations that the print shop and I had to work through. First, we had to lower the falcon on the shirt to get the design to wrap around from the front of the shirt to the side finis...
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The Music Thread Son

lastly the black sheep of my music, Elvis Perkins.
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Anyone else playing this right now? I think I saw Otter and Stef mention playing it. I started leveling an archanist character on Eu-Phoenix with one of my buddies and its pretty fun so far, dunno how long I'll keep at it though
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Dark Souls

I know Vik picked up this game during the summer sale, Beeps and I are busy getting our asses handed to us in it as well...Feel free to hit us up on Steam if any of the rest of you pick it up... But be prepared to die... a lot...Steam ID: mpottsy710
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Thanks Verdell

for the Salt-Scored Cleaver
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Would you order one of these shirts if made available?

I am making up some Reckless tshirts for a Dota event in NYC later this year, and figured I'd ask you guys if you'd want one as well. If you'd be interested in having one, say so in the thread/poll. When I am close to placing the order I'll have t...
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The Humble Origin Bundle. Ridiculously sick deal. what you want for --Dead Space (steam + origin keys)Dead Space 3 (origin only)Burnout Paradise Ultimate Edition (steam + origin keys)Crysis 2 (steam + origin keys)Mirrors Edge (steam + origin keys)Med...
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Just for old time sake :)

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Selling Logitech Performance MX (Wireless)

If anyone is interested, I am getting rid of a like new MX. Honestly I've barely used the thing, I have all the original packaging as well.I'll sell it for $40 Paypal. It retails for $90. Figured if anyone is looking for a quality wireless mouse, ...
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Regarding your youtube videos!

As fatbosstv has decided to stop making guide videos to any of the 25 or 10 man content, and regarding the current lack of 25 man raiding guides I was curious if you had any issues with myself using your Youtube footage of your current kills to ma...
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Torchlight available for free download today only...
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Scyas playing Pokemon

For whatever reason this came up last night... I said i'd photoshop it so here you guys go....
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