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[Pinned] Our Charter and Guild Policies.

We are a group of gamers that have a long history of playing together. For over a decade, from Lineage 2 in 2003 to present, we’ve maintained friendships and have run a successful, goal-focused gaming community. We pride ourselves in getting to ...
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guild recruitment

Hey i saw your guild recruitment post on the tichondrius forums. i added the 3 names listed, but have no response. people may be offline. mythic raid experienced ele shaman here (Lactard). you have an incredibly OP ele shaman & i want to talk ...
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It's been a while.

Just dropping by to see how everyone is doing. It's been a few years.
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Black Desert (installing Korean client)
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Random Thread

Had on of these in my last guild that got pretty silly. Enjoy!
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So, I just bought a server

Just bought an IBM x3650 M22x Xeon E5620's22GB DDR3 Ram6x 146GB 15k RPM SAS HDDNow I'm just trying to figure out what to do with it.
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Path of Exile

Looking to give the game a shot. Anyone interested in playing it?
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Cities Skylines

Fans of Simcity type games, get hype. Game looks to have solved all the issues SC5 had.
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Evolve Alpha

I got a couple extra codes for people to try out the Evolve alpha thats running this weekend, if anyone is interested.
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Challenge Modes

Hey everyone,I was wanting to try and get at least all silver challenge modes before 6.0 comes out. Anyone still need/want this and willing to group up? Rn
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Minecraft Server

Idk if anyone plays, but i bought an Minecraft server for 30 people. if anyone is interested in playing let me know. I'm in vent as Jberg just message me or get ahold of me.
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Xin's Fantasy Football Stuff

So if you all missed it, I was essentially recruited right before the draft to join a fantasy league. I do know a bit of football like some of the basic rules and some people. I definitely am not a fantasy football person though. Draft already hap...
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All the graphics...Well there goes another 250 bucks but at least I shouldn't lock up anymore due to shitty cards.
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The International, Dota 2 World Championship Info.

The International Finals have started. It's being held at Key Arena (old home of the Sonics) in Seattle. tournament is gigantic, it has a prize pool over $10,000,000 (yeah over 10 million). It's a gr...
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Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

A group of us picked up it on the steam sale yesterday ( and it's half off for the next 24h (14.99 until Friday 1pm EST)FAQ about the game - you are interested in p...
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Good Guy Amazon

So I forgot to cancel Prime after my last order and it charged me like a week ago without me noticing. This was the wicked awesome news I got in an email when I canceled today. Hello from,As you requested, we've canceled your Amazon Pri...
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Equality... Also some really weird video about twerking.

Because... LOL I can.
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Sometimes I remember how far away you are... :(
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Just Stopping By

Just stopping by to say hi and that we should do alt-star siege runs on Thursday sometime soon again. -Ftfk a.k.a. Jim
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