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Diablo 3

Season 5 class overview info from the ptr, if people cant decide what to play first.
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Diablo 3

Seaonal Journey 5

Ok I'm on the 5th part and need a group to try and do a 3 min TX rift, should probably be a support monk and then 3 well geared toons that can move quickly. Let me know if anyone else is up for this.
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Narthul01355Small Narthul 2y
Diablo 3

Season 4 Fri Aug 28th

Ok so next season finally announced, no sure what I want to play, so seeing who else is going to play and what they are going to play.
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Narthul125219Small Chris 2y
Diablo 3

Diablo 3 Season 4 Preview, MAJOR changes!
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Diablo 3

D3 patch 2.2 fastest t6 rift builds seeing who can clear 10 rifts fastest. As of now.1- Chagre Barb with In-geom2- WW Barb3- Charge Barb4- Nats DH5- ...
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Diablo 3

D3 DH 2.2 build info
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Diablo 3

Grift Pushing Season 3

Ok so me and Vik are still going strong and have Chris with the potential to also push. Still need 1 more. Have 2 dps with me as a DH and Chris as a Wiz. Looks like we still need a Zdps WD and a Pull Crusader(which Vik will probably gear up). So i...
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Diablo 3

Grift group

Alright I would like to push some grifts one night so seeing who else is up for it. I"ll probably run full on support wd. So need some dps.
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Narthul155766Small Narthul 2y
Diablo 3

Hardcore toon

Hey not sure if anyone else is interested. But I've started levelling a hc seasonal wd. I want to gear up and kill Malth on t6 once on hardcore.
Small Narthul 2y
Narthul41974Small Narthul 2y
Diablo 3

LF peeps to play D3 with :)

anyone playing that D3 seasons? if so add me i've been playing like crazy the past 2 weeks
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Calexanich52549Small Roya 3y
Diablo 3

Season 1 Launches Friday, August 29th, 9:00PM EDT planning touching this?
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Diablo 3

D3 - Narrowing down which quest your missing to reset

Ok so I am stuck atm, but found something that can at least help narrow it down to which Act(s) your missing quests in. Go to your game settings, change to public, and then look at your quests, if underneath the Act is says ex. Act 1 Any quest th...
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Diablo 3

Diablo III Patch 2.0.1

So new patch out, a lot of the RoS changes are in effect. Was a lot of fun last night.
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Diablo 3

Reaper of Souls

Month and a half out, who else is looking forward to this expansion?Personally, I'm looking forward to Crusader among other things.
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Diablo 3

Magic Find Explained

This video is verified by blizzard and was posted on the public forums.
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Diablo 3

Playing D3 again

Well just in case anyone has been thinking of playing again, or just want to play something else in there free time, there is a few of us back into this. Narthul#1101 if you don;t have me added yet.
Small Narthul 4y
Narthul21478Member avatar small Verdell 4y
Diablo 3

1.0.7 patch preview is up

Not sure if anybody is still regularly playing but they put up a preview of the new patch and it looks pretty good. Monk and Wizard getting massive buffs they say and a new dueling system coming in among other things.
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Diablo 3

D3 again

Just in case anyone else is thinking of getting back into it. There is a group of us playing again.
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Diablo 3

Scyas when he plays his barb
Small Kalios 5y
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Diablo 3

Blizz says to lower expectations for D3....

So here's what Bashiok had to say..."On a more serious note, I too worry that we won't be able to meet the expectations people have built up for themselves. Part of my job is managing people's expectations, so... eh... stop it. Stop thinking about...
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