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Only the Penitent...

I have a lockout saved up to this point and this achievement needs 6 people with good coordination to do, so likely vent and a good /kneel macro. This is for the /kneel to the flame part of the META that you need for the firelands mount. Please po...
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Flex 3 Achievement Help

Nay and I need help to do Flex 3 to finish our metas up we basically need 1 tank 1 healer and rest dps for this and I will help anyone else finish thier metas up if they need it as wellThese are flex and we are geared but the metas can be slow due...
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Glory of the Thundering Raider

Glory of the Thundering RaiderI was actually planning to try and organize the first night of a Throne of Thunder meta-achievement run-through for this Monday, partly at Brutal’s behest; unfortunately, my best friend’s mom finally succumbed to brai...
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Herald of the Titans

Looking for individuals interested in leveling/gearing up level 80's for this Feat of Strength. (If you have an 80, gearing it is trivial). Once you hit 80, we can just trade maly,uld,nax runs to gear out. Take 1 week, MAYBE 2 if RNG sucks.If you ...
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